About ASBU

Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU)

The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) is one of the oldest pan-Arab institutions, belonging to the League of Arab States system. It is a professional organization, established in February 1969 in Khartoum, with the objective of "strengthening ties and promoting cooperation among broadcasters in the Arab States for better production and content development."

ASBU provides important services to member broadcasters and to others, such as engineering and consulting services, radio and television exchange of news, programming and sports, as well as radio and TV training. It also strives to acquire broadcasting rights at preferential rates for a number of competitions and sports events to the benefit of its members, as well as to ensure the appropriate broadcasting coverage of such events.

Internationally, ASBU enjoys a unique place among regional and international unions and maintains strong professional relations with World Broadcasting Union (WBU), European Broadcasting Union and Asia Broadcasting Union.

ASBU membership includes the following:

Active Members

This category includes all Arab, government-owned radio and TV corporations.


Participating Members

This includes corporations broadcasting, fully or partly, in Arabic from within the Arab countries or from the outside, owned and managed by Arab funds, either governmental, joint or private, abide by the Arab Charter of Information, in addition to being accepted by 3/4 of the General Assembly members.


Associate Members

Associate members are other radio and television corporations, if approved by 3/4 of the General Assembly active members. This category includes worldwide corporations, such as CFI - France, PTV - Pakistan, RAI - Italy and RTVE – Spain to name a few.

ASBU Members

Jordan Radio and Television Corporation

Abu Dhabi Media- United Arab Emirates

Dubai Media Incorporated - United Arab Emirates

Bahrain Information Affairs Authority - Bahrai

Télévision Tunisienne

Radio Tunisienne

Office National de la Télédiffusion

Etablissement Public de radiodiffusion sonore (EPRS) - Algeria

Établissement public de télévision - Algeria

Télédiffusion d’Algérie (TDA)- Algeria

Radio and Television of Djibouti

Saoudi Broadcasting Authority - Saudi Arabia

General Authority for Radio and Television -Sudan

General Organization of Radio and Television - Syria

Radio of the Republic of Somalia

Television of the Republic of Somalia

Iraqi media Network

Public Authority for Radio and Television - Sultanate of Oman

Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation

Qatar Media Corporation

Office de Radio et Télévision of the Comores

Kuwait Television

Kuwait Radio

Télé Liban

Radio Liban

Libyan National Channel

National Media Authority - Egypt

Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision- Maroc

TV de Mauritanie

Radio Mauritanie

Télédiffusion de Mauritanie

Yemen General Corporation for Radio and Television

Middle East Braodcasting Center MBC

Radiotelevisione italiana RAI

France Médias Monde

The state-owned Arabic-speaking Chinese Global TV Network ( CGTN )

Tayba Radio and Television Network-Sudan

Africa Channels Network- Sudan

Zayed Radio For Qura'an (UAE)

Radio Sahiroon Sudanese

Beladi Radio- Sudan

Official Libya Channel

Al-Mamlaka TV Channel (Jordan)

Holy Quran Radio - Libya

Asharq News