ASBU Speakers

Abdul Rahim Suleiman

Director General of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) since January 2015
Holds a BS Degree with honors - University of Khartoum - Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Communications Department 1978
Held several positions in the engineering field for more than 30 years, the last of which was the Director of the Engineering Department at ASBU (1990 - 2014), where he supervised all technical projects, activities and secretarial work of the Engineering Committee
Contributed to the establishment of the radio and television exchange systems and to paving the way for its success, such as providing 3 advanced exchange systems, appropriate equipment and "satellite" capacity.
Among the key initiatives he led or contributed to, we can mention:
- Establishing the ASBU remote training system
- Establishing the Arab Unified Bouquet to cover various world regions on the most prominent satellites,
- Setting up the ASBU DTV system over the satellites Arabsat and Noorsat,
- Establishing the MENOS-ASBU exchange system
- Launching the ASBU Media Training Academy
- Providing television coverage of major sporting events for which ASBU holds TV rights (World Cup, Olympic Games, Continental Cups)

Ryadh Najm

Dr. Riyadh Najm Media Regulations and Technology Expert Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
• BS and MS degrees from UC Berkeley, USA in Electrical Engineering 1980. PhD degree in telecommunications from Liverpool University, UK 1992
• Engaged in several media and technical positions since 1980 at the Ministry of Culture and Information in Saudi Arabia, until appointed in 2013 as the President of the newly founded Media regulator (Gen Comm for Audiovisual Media). Retired in 2015 from the public post, and since then doing consultancy work for Media and telecom organizations. Founded Shashah Titanium in 2020 to build a website (shashah.com) for content review and ratings in the Arab region.
Major Positions held :
• Founder & Chair of Shashah Titanium LLC (2020-Now)
• Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the Arab Radio & TV Academy (2017-Now)
• CEO of the Saudi Media Measurement Co. (2017-2018)
• Member of the IBC Council ( 2011 – 2016)
• Chairman of the Board for the Saudi Media Measurement Co. (2012 – 2016
• President of the General Commission for Audiovisual Media (2013 – 2015)
• Deputy Minister for Information Affairs, MoCI (2011-2013)
• Chairman of HDTV Arab Group (2007 – 2014)
• Assistant Deputy Minister for Engineering, MoCI (2005-2011)
• Director General of Saudi TV Channel 2 (2003 – 2005)
• Arabsat Board member (2012-2014)
• President of Arab States Broadcasting Union (2009 – 2010).
• Chairman of the Technical Committee, WBU (2002 – 2010)
• Vice-Chairman of Study Group 6 (Broadcast Services) at the ITU (2000 – 2007)
• Chairman of the Technical Committee, ASBU (1995 – 2005)

Bassil Zoubi

Director of Technology & Development at ASBU. His field of expertise has covered various areas in the broadcast industry. Mainly in, Frequency planning, Technical Coverage of News & Sporting Events Especially for most of events which ASBU has acquired rights for, setting up pilot projects as a guidance for the ASBU members besides new technology deployment various projects including cloud service for the Arab members. Besides as a ASBU director I try to support members introducing IP production technology, OTT, New media services as well as addressing accessibility issues as part of PMSE mandate.

Mr.Abdelhafidh Harguem

Mr.Abdelhafidh Harguem Independent media expert, born in 1954 in Kairouan. He holds a Maîtrise (BA) in French language and literature and a certificate in comparative literature from the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences April 9 in Tunis (1977). He held high positions in the fields of media and diplomacy: • 1987 -1991 Information Director and advisor to the Presidency of the Tunisian Republic • 1991-1997 Director General of the Tunisian Radio and Television Corporation • 1991-1992 President of the African National Radios and Televisions Union • 1992-1994 President of the Arab States Broadcasting Union • 1995 Vice-President of the Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators • 1997-1998 President of the Supreme Council of Communication • 1999-2006 Director General of the Arab States Broadcasting Union for two terms • 2007-2008 Tunisia's ambassador to Cairo and its permanent representative to the League of Arab States • 2007 Chairman of the League's Council at the level of permanent delegates • 2008-2011 Secretary of State to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in charge of Maghreb, Arab and African affairs in the Tunisian government • 09/20215-09/2020 Editor in chief of "Leaders Arabia" magazine On the intellectual level: • He published a book entitled "Reflections on the World of Audiovisual Communication" (Al Dar Al Arabiya Lel Kitab in 2005) • He translated from French into Arabic two books: "Dean of Artists (Sheikh Elfannanin) Abdelaziz Jamayyel" and "Medina of Tunis, a Mediterranean metropolis" • He has several publications and articles on politics, communication and culture • He gave lectures on media and communication in Tunisia and abroad

Hasan R. Sayed Hasan

An award-winning executive with around three decades of experience in Media & Broadcasting, Hasan is Managing Director of Master Media, a specialized consulting firm based in the UAE. He is also Chairman of the “Arab HDTV and beyond Group”.

Master Media’s portfolio includes Expo 2002 Dubai, Media Zone Authority- Abu Dhabi, NEOM in KSA, the Press Trust of India, Al Ghad TV, Oman's Public Authority of Radio and TV, Al-Jazeera Media Network, Al-Arab News Channel, Channel92 and URDU1 in Pakistan, among others.

Before establishing Master Media, Hasan was a member of the founding team of twofour54 in Abu Dhabi as Executive Director of “twofour54 intaj”, the Production and Broadcasting arm. he managed the successful setup and launch of “intaj” and built its commercial, operations, and technology teams.

Working in the industry since 1992, Hasan’s previous roles include serving as CTO of CNBC Arabiya. He also oversaw setup and launch of CNBC Africa in Johannesburg and Samaa TV in Pakistan. As a key founder of Al-Rai TV, the first commercial TV in Kuwait in 2004, Hasan was responsible for building its state-of-the-art production & broadcasting facilities and operations. Hasan was earlier Advisor to the Chairman of the National Broadcasting Network in Lebanon, and held senior roles at New TV and Arab Radio & Television in Beirut.

Antonio Arcidiacono

Antonio is Director of Technology & Innovation at the European Broadcasting Union. He has extensive experience in conceiving, developing and taking new products and services to market. Since joining the EBU in September 2018, Antonio has launched several initiatives designed to leverage the collective expertise and momentum of the EBU Membership for technology innovation, deliver key building blocks for the digital transformation of public service media, and strengthen collaboration between PSM, European policy initiatives, start-ups and academic institutions.

Two of Antonio’s most recent initiatives are the 5G Media Action Group (5G-MAG) and EuroVOX. 5G-MAG currently counts 40 members from the industry and aims to ensure future 5G standards are fit for purpose in media production and distribution. EuroVOX is a collaborative project of the EBU and several of its Members that aims to break down language boundaries for users and content. It consists of an open framework upon which services can be built, and a set of tools for media creators, such as speech-to-speech translation.

Antonio previously worked as Director of Innovation and a Member of the Management Committee at Eutelsat; the European Space Agency; Telespazio, and Selenia Spazio.

Abdel hamid Bouchnek

عبد الحميد بوشناق مخرج تونسي شاب، ابن الفنان الكبير لطفي بوشناق. هو خريج المدرسة العليا لعلوم وتكنولوجيات التصميم بتونس والمدرسة العليا للدراسات السينمائية بكندا. قام بإخراج بعض الأفلام القصيرة مثل "خوصة" سنة 2011 و "كعبة حلوى" سنة 2016. كما قام بإخراج فيلما وثائقيا بعنوان "قديما كركوان" بالإضافة إلى ميني سيتكوم بعنوان "هاذوكم" سنة 2017. وفي 2018 قام بتأليف وإخراج أول فيلم درامي طويل بعنوان "دشرة" وهو أول فيلم رعب تونسي. كما أبدع في إخراج مسلسل النوبة في جزئين وسلسلة كان يا ماكانش.

Bassel Khatib

باسل الخطيب هو نجل الشاعر الفلسطيني "يوسف الخطيب" يعد واحدا من أبرز المخرجين التليفزيونيين السوريين على الرغم من كونه فلسطيني الأصل وقد نشأ في هلفرسوم عام 1962 وحصل على دبلوم في الإخراج السينمائي والتليفزيوني من موسكو وقد برز بالعديد من الأعمال التي بدأها بمسلسل "أيام الغضب"وتابع تميزه وتمايزه عن الآخرين وأخرج غيرها من الأعمال الراسخة في ذاكرة الدراما السورية. من أهم أعماله في السـينما الروح الثانية - أمينة - اللعنة - مسارات النور - قيامة مدينة - فيلم روائي طويل /الرسالة الاخيرة - الرؤية الأخيرة - جليلة - وقائع وأحلام وغيرها مذكرات رجل فاشل - الأسوار - ارسم حلمي - وفي التلفزيون أيام الغضب - نساء صغيرات - هوى بحري - الطويبي - جواد الليل – المتوسط ذي قار - أنشودة المطر - هولاكو - نزار قباني - السيرة الهلالية - رسائل الحب والحرب - أسد الجزيرة - ناصر (تجربه في مصر)- عائد إلى حيفا-يحيى عياش .

Issam Hijjawi

أهدافها :
• تقديم محتوى فني فريد ومميز من حيث (القصة ، التنفيذ ، الجودة)
• خلق سوق إنتاج فني جديد من حيث (استخدام التقنيات الحديثة في الإنتاج ، إشراك عنصر الشباب في عملية الإنتاج ، البحث والتطوير)
• البحث عن محتوى فني مميز وجديد يلائم رغبات الجمهور المتنوع والمتجدد.
• توفير كافة الإمكانية ومواكبة التطور في التقنيات الحديثة في الإنتاج الفني.
تقدم الشركة خدمات إنتاجية متنوعة وأنتجت العديد من أحدث وأبرز أعمالها الفنية مسلسل جلمود الصحارى / مسلسل كرم العلالي / مسلسل لعبة الإنتقام / مسلسل بلاقي عندك شغل ؟ / مسلسل الخوابي / مسلسل العقاب والعفراء.

Roland Beutler

Roland Beutler studied Physics at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and went on to receive a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics from the Max-Planck-Institute for Metal Physics, also in Stuttgart. Between 1995 and 1996 he worked at the Università degli Studi di Lecce, Italy, under a Fellowship of the European Commission. In 1993 he joined SWR to work in the frequency planning department and is currently responsible for programme distribution strategy.

Dr Beutler has been participating in EBU technical activities for more than 20 years and has chaired several EBU groups dealing with the future of broadcast distribution systems. He was chair of the several of EBU’s Strategic Programmes and Project Teams. Currently he acts as chairman for the Strategic Programme on Distribution. This group coordinates the engagement of European broadcasters in 3GPP, the global standardization organization of mobile technology. Roland Beutler is actively participating in different 3GPP groups to support the requirements of broadcasters for 4G and 5G developments. He is also a member of the Steering Group of the 5G Media Action Group.

Roland Beutler is also involved in ITU and CEPT work and has been responsible for several of their working groups, both radio and TV related. He participated in RRC-06, WRC-12, WRC-15 and WRC-19. Moreover, he has published several articles and four books.

Souha Taha Salem

سهى سالم فنانة عراقية من أسرة فنية، فوالدها هو الفنان المسرحي العراقي القدير "طه سالم" وعمتها الفنانة "وداد سالم" كما أن شقيقتها الكبرى هي الفنانة "شذى"لم تعتمد سهى فقط على ذلك بل درست الفن أيضا لنيل شهادة الدكتوراة في (التغريب في المسرح) كانت بدايتها الفنية وهي ابنة الــ 16 عام 1980 من خلال مسلسل (النعمان الاخير) وقفت امام ممثلين كبار عرب وعراقيين وبعده شاركت في تمثيل العديد من الاعمال المهمة والمميزة سواء كانت عراقية او أعمال مشتركة عربية-عراقية مثل الواهمون - الورد في الاكمام- انفلونزا- انا وامالي - ابن حران- اجنحة الثعالب- دموع السهارى- اصايل- مملكة الشر- فوبيا .
ونالت العديد من الجوائز منذ تلك الفترة ومن ابرزها جائزة الابداع كافضل فنانة لعام 2016 عن مسرحية يارب التي شاركت في مهرجان المسرح العربي الذي اقيم في الجزائر
سهى طه سالم هي كذلك رئيسة قسم الفنون المسرحية بكلية الفنون الجميلة ببغداد.
تاريخ الميلاد
26 يناير 1965

ABBADI Kamal Sudan

Kamal El-Din Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Abbadi (Kamal Abbadi)
- Master of the Sudan University of Science and Technology on the role of music in Sudanese radio drama.
- Diploma of Radio Broadcasters Fellowship, Institute of Broadcasting Arts at the Sudanese National Broadcasting Corporation, 1997.
- Director of the Radio Drama Department, 1997-2003
- Associate Professor in Teaching Radio Art and Direction at the International University of Africa
- Founder of Sudan Radio Academy for Communication Sciences and Media Training

Foued Mosad

ـ إعلامي وناقد سينمائي .
ـ يحمل إجازة في الصحافة كلية الآداب جامعة دمشق عام 1994 .
ـ بدأ النشر في الصحف والمجلات عام 1991 .
ـ إعلامي في صحيفة الثورة السورية منذ عام (1996) ، مُشرف صفحة فنون وسينما ، ومُشرف الصفحة الأخيرة فيها .
ـ عضو في هيئة تحرير مجلة (الحياة السينمائية) الصادرة عن وزارة الثقافة ـ المؤسسة العامة للسينما .
ـ عضو في اتحاد الصحفيين السوريين .
ـ المؤلفات : كتاب بعنوان (أفلام سورية تحت الضوء) صادر عن وزارة الثقافة ـ المؤسسة العامة للسينما ضمن سلسلة الفن السابع .
ـ نشر في عدد من الصحف والمجلات والدوريات الفصلية والمواقع الإلكترونية المتخصصة ، منها : الحياة السينمائية ، مجلة الإذاعات العربية ، آفاق سينمائية ، القبس ، لها ، الهدف ، الأسبوع العربي ، فنون ، أوروبا والعرب ، الدومري ، فرح ، جهينة ، كواليس .
ـ عضو هيئة تحرير مجلة (المهرجان) لأربعة أعوام متتالية ، وهي مجلة صادرة خلال أيام مهرجان دمشق السينمائي الدولي .
ـ شارك في عضوية عدد من لجان دراسة سيناريوهات الأفلام المقدمة إلى مشروع دعم سينما الشباب (وزارة الثقافة ـ المؤسسة العامة للسينما) .
ـ شارك في عضوية عدد من لجان دراسة النصوص المقدمة لمسابقة سيناريوهات الأفلام القصيرة (وزارة الثقافة ـ المؤسسة العامة للسينما) .
ـ شارك في عضوية لجان تحكيم للدراما التلفزيونية في وزارة الإعلام ـ الهيئة العامة للإذاعة والتلفزيون .
ـ حائز على عدد من شهادات التقدير من جهات رسمية ومؤسسات مختلفة تعنى بالشؤون الثقافية والفنية والاجتماعية . ـ شارك كإعلامي وناقد في العديد من المهرجانات ، منها : مهرجان بيروت السينمائي ، مهرجان دبي السينمائي ، مهرجان الرباط السينمائي ، مهرجان دمشق السينمائي .

Mohamed Marei

(1) studied English language and literature. As well film script.
(2) A broadcaster at the Egyptian radio, then head of the Voice of the Arabs network, until an undersecretary for the Ministry of Information in Egypt.
(3) Elected Chairman of the Radio Standing Committee in the Arab States Broadcasting Union for two terms.
(4) Got the "Golden Creativity Award" for the best director in four sessions of the Cairo Festival
(5) Lecturer in media faculties in Egyptian and Syrian universities and has three books in the field of media.

David Wood

David Wood worked in the UK for the BBC and ITV before joining the European Broadcasting Union, first in Brussels Belgium and then in Geneva Switzerland. He has worked in developing standards for digital radio and television, UHDTV, and quality evaluation. His recent work at the EBU has included analysing options for using the hybrid broadcast broadband system, HbbTV for accessibility services.

Kostiukevych Levgen

Ievgen Kostiukevych leads the EBU Technology & Innovation's Media over IP and Cloud Technologies team. He has a decade of experience in the broadcasting and sound production industries, including experience in change management, solutions architecture, and AoIP integration.

Ridha Najar

Journalism professional since 1970, trainer and researcher in the media field, Ridha NAJAR is a Doctor in Information and Communication Sciences, retired Professor of Higher Education at the Institute of Press and Information Sciences Tunis (IPSI, 1971-2007).
- Responsible for television production and Editor-in-Chief of Tunisian Television news magazines from 1970 to 1974,
- Head of the Cultural Service of the weekly Dialogue from 1974 to 1981,
- Director of Tunisian Television in 1981,
- Director General from September 1983 to January 2007 of the CAPJC (African Center for the Development of Journalists and Communicators), a center he has succeeded in having recognized as a reference Center for the ongoing training of journalists and communicators throughout Africa and Africa. Arab World.
He has led several training sessions in the Maghreb countries, French-speaking Africa and the Arab Training Center of ASBU in Damascus where he chaired the International Advisory Committee.
- Researcher and author of numerous studies on the media. He is the author of several books including "ICT and media in the Maghreb" (UNESCO, 2003, with Jamaleddine NAJI), "Press, radio, television in Tunisia" (MTE, 1982) and many studies published by the ASBU, in particular "The rights of sports programs on television" , "The use of the Internet by Arab radio and television stations" and "The faisability Study of ASBU Academy".
Since April 2017, he is the Coordinator of ASBU Academy, at ASBU Headquarters Tunis.

Ines Jebali

Ines Jebali is a Chief Engineer, Head of Production Technology and New Media in the Arab States Broadcasting Union. With almost thirty years experience in Radio and TV production, she assists ASBU Radio and TV Organizations with emerging broadcast production technologies such as transition to HDTV , IP / File based production and operation environment, Cloud production, etc.
Previously she worked in Tunisia National Radio and Television where she led various digitization projects, new technologies / IT based Audiovisual systems acquisition and deployment. Mrs. Gdoura has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Master of Science in Digital Signal Processing from Arizona State University, USA.

Verbaere Lucile

Lucille is Senior Project Manager at the European Broadcast Union, Technology and Innovation, coordinating Cloud and Media Cybersecurity activities. She has 20y-experience in Cybersecurity, Telecommunications, Air Transport and Semiconductor industries. She started as an R&D engineer doing research on wireless telecom systems, then moved to program and product management positions for connectivity and data management services to airports and airlines. Before joining EBU in September 2020, Lucille was responsible for a portfolio of cybersecurity products, based on quantum physics.

Laurent Le Flohic

Laurent Le Flohic has 20 years of experience in the telecommunications and media industries, working as a network engineer for several Telcos in France and as a video expert for several software companies in Europe. He is specialized in OTT/IPTV, Digital Video, Video Streaming, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Telecommunications, Network, Internet and Digital Media. He is today working as VP Sales EMEA at NPAW which provides a holistic, end-to-end analytics solution, to help online streaming services improve their Quality of Experience.

Hassen Chahine

For more than 27 years, Hassan Chahine developed and managed technology innovation in production, content distribution and technology implementation for entertainment, news and sports operations with major regional private and public broadcasting organizations in the Middle East.
After joining GLOCOM (a company of SES Astra group) as a CEO, he founded and is currently the CEO of Media Digital Space, a consultancy focused on media and broadcast Technology innovations based in Dubai media city.

Rabih Itani

Cyber Security and Digital Transformation thought leader who acted as a regional reference for early and creative use of technology at multiple times during his career.
Rabih is a creative solution architect with a track record of leading a handful of the Middle East region’s best, first, and largest digital transformation projects for large enterprises, MSPs and Mobile Network Operators. During the last two decades, he embarked on leading roles throughout the region's early transformation towards mobility defined workplace and digital community, whether that was by leading the region’s first enterprise-grade Wi-Fi network (Award Winning) or by overseeing one of world's early Cellular Offload-to-Wi-Fi networks followed by instituting the first Next Generation Hotspot Services in the ME. Rabih was a pioneer in pushing disruptive Cyber security technologies and architectures such as network perimeter (Early adopter of In-line Intrusion & Prevention Systems, and first generation of Unified Threat Management), Email Security (First use of Machine Learning in Spam Classification), User and Entity Behavior analytics, Managed Wi-Fi for Large Residences (Idea creation/win way before Aruba introduced the SOHO product lines), and Application Security (Early adoption of Reverse Proxy.
Rabih possesses the unique mix of business acumen and engineering thinking. He comes from a school of thought that believes in long term relations and giving back to the community. Rabih is a veteran backed by 28 years of experience built around multiple verticals and multiple engagement models: the enterprise ICT/security leader, the VAR, and the Vendor.
As an enterprise Leader, Rabih was a fully established manager who directed ITIL based operations, instituted best practice working standards, aligned IT with business, and built/managed composite RFPs. Rabih established/operated complex contracts, strict SLAs, smart KPIs, and managed critical projects under PRINCE2 guidance. Many of his created RFPs were used as templates in many region's issued ones afterwards.
At the Vendor, Rabih was able to take on different roles, starting from a System Engineering, System Engineers’ manager, and then risen to be a fully established business lead. At the later role, Rabih has a proven record in leading and developing business with double digit growth all traced down to his ability to develop and inspire the channel/alliances, team up with the sales/pre-sales organization, team up with engineering and product management, and tap onto the vendor marketing engines.

Pavlo Kondratenko

Pavlo Kondratenko is a project manager (media production over IP networks) at EBU Technology & Innovation. His background is network engineering. He is a document editor of PICS for SMPTE ST 2110 standards suite.
I will be talking about cloud-based remote production. How EBU members are making the first steps with the cloud. And how we are exploring the possibilities and potential issues within the EBU’s Hybrid Cloud Production group.

Moncef Louati

He holds a doctorate in journalism and news sciences from the University of Paris 2, France.
He worked as a journalist in the TV news department and held the position of editor-in-chief in the Maghreb and then Al Shabab channel news department on Tunisian TV. He prepared a weekly news magazine and prepared and presented a political talk show for Tunisian TV. He is a lecturer at the Institute of Press and Information Sciences in Tunis since 1998. He served as the director of the institute from 2015 to 2017.
He is a training expert accredited by the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) and has a large training experience. He supervised several training courses for Tunisian and Arab journalists inside and outside Tunisia. He has numerous studies and research papers published dealing with audiovisual media.

Awad Eid

Head, Multimedia Exchange Networks at ASBU
More than a decade of successful experience in content exchange over the satellite and cloud-based platforms, workflow developing for live-stream and file-based exchange and supervision and operation of ASBU Exchange Platform. Previous experience in Radio and TV production.

Talal Abdulkarim

With a Master's Degree in Technology Management, a Project Management Professional (PMP) Accreditation, and more than 30 years’ experience in Management and as an entrepreneur, Talal has started many of his own companies and served on the highest executive level at other companies such as Intel Corporation, Intersolv, Al-Jazeera Network, Franklin Covey, Xerox, and MENA Smart.
 He is a trusted executive advisor in addition to being a master facilitator in numerous workshops for the in-house executive development programs for many years.
 He has a comprehensive knowledge of several cultures which gives him a unique perspective on bridging inter-cultural understanding. He had designed many of his own leadership programs and co-authored on many other Leadership Development Programs that are currently used by the most internationally respected organization.

Nathalie Labourdette

Nathalie joined the EBU to create and lead EBU TRAINING in 1999. In that capacity she has developed a professional-to-professional model and international training programmes for Radio and TV Broadcasters professionals from EBU Members. Based on her strategic vision, she has built the brand EBU ACADEMY.
 Media Literacy is also part of her expertise after the years she spent as the EBU representative to the European Commission Committee on Media Literacy (2006-2011), developing programmes and recommendation on this issue.
 Nathalie is secretary to the EBU Peer-to-Peer review on Public Service Media (PSM) values, a tool for helping public service media best achieve their missions on the basis of ‘Empowering Society’.

Steve Ahern

The Head of the ABU Academy, an internationally recognized broadcaster, manager and trainer, who has worked with the ABU on many projects over the years.
  He joined the ABU to evolve the ABU’s existing training activities to even greater levels of success.
An internationally recognized broadcast and journalism trainer, digital media industry expert and broadcast management consultant.
In his 35-year media career, Steve has helped found a number of media tech startup companies and has steered the boards of media and communications companies around the world to commercial success. He was awarded an Order of Australia Medal in the 2009 Queen’s Birthday honors list for his contribution to media and training.
He is a sought-after international conference speaker, with a degree in Education, qualifications in Workplace Training and post graduate qualifications in Business Management.

Hamadi Arafa

حمادي عرافة هو مخرج تلفزي و سينمائي تونسي من مواليد عام 1947
التحق بمؤسسة الاذاعة و التلفزة التونسية سنة 1967 كمساعد مخرج ثم كمخرج مسلسلات و منوٌعات تولى ادارة القنوات التلفزية التونسية لعدة سنوات.
له عديد الأعمال والمسلسلات المتميزة وعرفه الجمهور من خلال أعماله الدرامية الشيقة من بينها يحيى بن عمر الواثق بالله الحفصي ،الناس حكاية إخوة و زمان وردة و كمنجة سلامة ومن أجل عيون كاترين وغيرها .

Félix Poulin

Félix Poulin is with the national public broadcaster CBC/Radio-Canada where he leads the Media over IP Architecture Lab. Before that mandate, Félix was Lead expert on Live IP at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). He cumulates 20 years of experience in the media and entertainment domain after he completed his diploma in electrical engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal with his final thesis done at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Félix is Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture and Television (SMPTE), an active contributor to the EBU and the user-chair of Networked Media Open Specifications (NMOS) Steering board of the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA).

Ian Fletcher

Ian Fletcher’s broadcast career began at the BBC, where he worked as a sound engineer, before setting up his own video production company. During this time Ian became increasingly interested in the new, low-cost Micro Computers and the potential they offered for innovative solutions in the broadcast industry.
This led to the formation of OmniBus Systems, pioneers in the development of computer control systems for television studios.
As CTO of OminBus Systems Ian spearheaded many of the technological revolutions in the broadcast industry, including the transition from tape to server-based systems, news automation - with development of the MOS protocol - large-scale multichannel automation and the ground-breaking software-based playout system, iTX.
Over the years, Ian has received a number of industry accolades, including the coveted Queen’s Award for Innovation, he is also a SMPTE fellow.
Following OmniBus’ acquisition by Miranda and the subsequent merger with Grass Valley, Ian has continued to drive the development of software systems, particularly in the emerging areas of cloud and virtualisation. He is currently Chief Application Designer, overseeing the development of Grass Valley’s ground-breaking AMPP solution.

Osman Mahmud Salah

Global Media Technical & Administrative Director of Operations -Project Management
– Quality Assurance
Operational Planning / Technical Excellence with :
• Extensive technical knowledge of video production / TV Broadcast Operation / Integration and the related technology / software skills…
• Foster strong working relationships with building / managing teams of video production and TV broadcast operation…
• Performed post-production workflow from beginning to finished production / photography / DP / director / cameraman…
• Proven track record in media operations, fostering global industry relationships and ensuring exceptional production quality…
• Adept at managing creative, video production, technical , operations, and logistical elements to deliver award-winning content…
• Global-minded and internationally seasoned with expertise in world over 25 years of diverse experience…
• Worked for many major TV Broadcast networks in different capacities across USA, Europe, Asia .

Nabiha Ben Salah

Nabiha Ben SALAH is a journalist, head of Television in the Arab States Broadcasting Union.
Previously, she worked as the News Editor-in-Chief of the Tunisian Television Channel 1, Director of TV Programming in Tunisian National Television, and Journalist in Tunisian Television News Department.
- She also worked as a reporter for many Arab television channels such as ART Arabic and MBC.
- She has more than 25 years of experience in the field of television media, TV News and programs production, press investigation, and television reports.
Mrs. Nabiha BEN SALAH has a Master of in information and communication technology from the Institute of Journalism and News Sciences of Tunisia, and A certificate of Journalism and News Sciences, Politics Department, Audio-Visual Specialty from Institute of Journalism and News Sciences of Tunisia.

Judy Parnall

Judy is a passionate advocate of all things media and its positive power for audiences.
As Head of Standards & Industry in the BBC Research & Development, Judy coordinates on the strategy for the influencing industry and government for media technology innovation, including the BBC’s input to standards and industry bodies across production, broadcast and other media spheres.
Judy has worked in the BBC for a number of years in both R&D and the corporate strategy areas. Her research interests have centred on the interaction of people with technology and services across all media.
Judy has sat on the EBU’s Technical Committee since 2015 and chaired it since June 2018.

Sami Al Nesf

Former Information Minister- Koweit
Sami Al Nesf holds an aviation certificate from Great Britain and worked as a pilot captain in the Kuwait Airways Corporation from 1971-2001. He held many positions namely Minister of Information, director of security and safety operations and a founding member of the Kuwait Aircraft Engineers and Pilots Association and a founding member of the The Arab Union of Land Transport (AULT) of the League of Arab States.
In 1980, he has written for Al- Qabas and Al-Anbaa newspapers. He also worked as a media advisor to the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Maha Zraket

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Mass Communication at the Lebanese University. She holds a PhD from Stendhal University, Grenoble 3, France . She holds a BA in written journalism from the Faculty of Information and Documentation at the Lebanese University in 1998. She worked as a journalist for nearly sixteen years, and her last job was in the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar. She has held various positions of editorial, clerical and field responsibilities. She has conducted research on the working conditions of journalists, and published articles on criticism and control of visual media.

David Sallinen

David Sallinen is CEO and Founder of New World Encounters and Upgrade Media. He has over 15 years of experience as a digital strategies coach and consultant in organizations like WAN-IFRA or his own ventures. David is passionate in serving the media community and shares his expertise. David assists numerous media groups in Switzerland, France, Belgium and Morocco in their digital transformation.

Nouri Lajmi

Nouri Lajmi is the President of the High Independent Communication Authority (HAICA) of Tunisia since 2013. He is the actual President of REFRAM.
Doctor in information sciences, he taught journalism at the Press and Information Sciences Institute at Manouba University in Tunis before leaving for Canada. He lived in the province of Quebec for more than ten years, where he collaborated with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the Center for Research in Public Law of the University of Montreal (CRDP) and with the Department of information and communication from Laval University in Quebec. He is the author of several scientific texts and studies on journalism, media regulation and journalistic ethics.

Gaelle Armentano Conte

Gaelle Armentano Conte is currently Head of International Cooperation in RAI, focusing and enhancing all forms of collaboration and co-production between Rai and public broadcasters in Europe and the rest of the world.
Following a Degree in International Economics and a Master in European Audiovisual Management (EMAM) her media background has a strong focus on content strategies, production and licensing, from both sides of the negotiating table.
From 2001 to 2015 she was the marketing director of 01 Distribution, the first Italian distribution company. From 2015 to 2020 sheoccupied the position of Head of RAI Cinema Acquisition Department
She has contributed to the development of European networks for European co-productions, and she has co-produced several films of worldwide renown.
With always a global approach to work she is now engaged to contribute to a much greater global integration of RAI, focusing on the latter’s strategic priorities and, more generally, sharing ideas and promoting strategic initiatives for public-service TV networks enhancing cooperation agreements throughout the Mediterranean area and beyond.

Ayman Salah

An expert in digital communication sciences, he works as a lecturer at Cairo University and the American and Canadian Universities. He has also worked as a trainer with several international institutions such as the United Nations, USAID and the International Center for Journalists and the Areej Foundation for Investigative Journalism.
He also works as a digital communication and communication consultant with many media institutions in the Arab world, such as Al-Ahram newspaper, Al-Masry Al-Youm, Al-Ghad newspaper in Jordan and Al-Balad radio. He has more than 25 years of experience in the field of marketing and marketing communication with several international companies in many fields. He also contributed to the development of several government websites and services, such as the e-government portal in Egypt.

Minister Ahmed Assaf

General Supervisor of the Palestinian official media
He holds a master's degree in Arabic studies
He has held the position of General Supervisor of the Palestinian Official Media since 2016
• General Supervisor of the Public Authority for Palestinian Radio and Television.
• Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian News and Information Agency
• Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Hayat Al-Jadida newspaper and the National Press.
• Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Satellite Corporation (PALSAT)
• Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Martyr Ziyad Abu Ein Foundation (2015) until now

Ibrahim Abou Dhikri

الدكتور إبراهيم عبد السلام أبو ذكري
رئيس الإتحاد العام للمنتجين العرب ورئيس عدد من الجمعيات الاهلية والخيرية والتظاهرات الفنية والاعلامية
من مواليد محافظة المنوفية عام 1943 تخرج وهو يعمل من معهد الإعداد والتوجيه وكلية الزراعة بجامعة الأزهر. وحاصل على دبلومتين بالاعلام والعلاقات العامه جامعة بيروت.ودرجتي الدكتوراه في علوم الإعلام من الجامعة الحرة بهولندا وأخري من جامعة لاهاي.وترأس وشارك في العديد من ورش العمل في مجال الاعلام وكان صحفي ورئيس تحرير ومؤسس لعدد من الصحف والمجلات المصرية الاماراتية
هو خبير في صناعة والتجارة المتفهمة في مجال الفن والاعلام .. وعضوا في العديد من لجان الخبرة المتخصصة بجامعة الدول العربية
كما انه واحد من الأوائل الذين اسسوا شركات للإنتاج التليفزيوني ببداية التليفزيون الملون بالعالم العربي وهو المؤسس والراعي الرئيسي لعشرات من المنظمات والكيانات الاعلامية والمهرجانات العربية المتخصصة والتي تهدف إلى رفع مستوى الإبداع في جميع مجالات قطاعات الفنون والإعلام الإقليمية والمتخصصة في 18 دولة عربية أنتج أكثر من خمسة آلاف ساعة من الإنتاج التلفزيوني والإذاعي المتنوع برامجيا ودراميا ومنوعات بالاضافة الي توزيع الآلاف من المحتوى في جميع أنحاء الدول العربية
قام بإطلاق مبادرات متعددة وحملات مجتمعية تستخدم أكثر من مائة قنوات فضائية للبث المشترك لدعم القضايا الوطنية والاجتماعية، ناقش معظمها القضية الفلسطينية وحقوق المرأة والأطفال والشباب بالإضافة إلى المساهمة في معالجة بعض الأزمات القومية في البلدان العربية التي تحتاج إلى اهتمام إعلامي بناء علي قرارات وزراء الاعلام العرب . كما عقد العديد من المؤتمرات والملتقيات المهنية وذات العناوين المجتمعية . تم تكريمه من حكومات ووزراء اعلام وثقافة ومن 52 أكاديمية وجامعة عربية مهتمة بالشأن الإعلامي ، كما تم تكريمه من قبل جامعة الدول العربية و ASPU و ELESCO. من خلال موقفه كرئيس ومؤسس اتحاد المنتجين العرب للوسائط، قام بتكريم المئات من أيقونات الفن العاملين بوسائل الإعلام العربية لمساهماتهم المهنية والفنية ورمز العمل العربي المشترك


Tunisian journalist and media personality.
His career began with Radio Tunis International. Then he moved to Express FM radio. He is also a producer and presenter of political and sports programs for Nessma TV, then Telvza TV, as well as Al-Wataniya and Tassia TV. He is a currently presenting a program on Alhiwar channel. He operates as a consultant for a number of private institutions and international cooperation structures. He also belongs to the team of the Arab States Broadcasting Union. A writer and novelist, one of his most prominent publications is "The Awakening" and "The Novel of an Aborted Revolution".

Mohamed Gontara

Professor Mohamed Gontara is currently working as an assistant professor of higher education at the Institute of Press and Information Sciences at the University of Manouba in Tunis. He is also a constant collaborator with some print and electronic media in Arabic and French as a specialized journalist in economic affairs.
He holds a doctorate from the Sorbonne University in media and communication. He held various plans in the field of media in Tunisia: general director of public television channels, director general of information at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, director general of "La Presse" newspaper foundation, and director general of the African Center for the Development of Journalists and Communicators.

Ismail Sheshtawy

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce in 1975. He began his career as a broadcaster on the Egyptian radio in 1976.
He progressed there until he became head of the regional radio network. In 2011, a presidential decree was issued promoting and appointing him as head of the Egyptian radio.
He chaired the Board of Directors of the Radio and Television Magazine on May 14, 2012, and served as the President of the Radio and Television Union, starting from October 20, 2012.
Mr. Ismail El-Sheshtawy was appointed as an advisor to the Egyptian Minister of Information, and then as a Senior Undersecretary at the National Media Authority.
Today, he is the representative of the Arab States Broadcasting Union in Egypt.

Zied Krichen

Zied Krichen has been a professional journalist since 1982. He is currently the editor-in-chief of the Tunisian daily newspaper "El-Maghrib” since June 2011, and a political analyst on Radio "Mosaique" since September 2015 in one of the most listened to daily talk shows in Tunisia, known as "Midi Show".
Earlier, Zied Krichen worked as editor-in-chief of the Tunisian French-speaking magazine "Réalités" from January 2003 to May 2011.
Zied Krichen holds a license (Bachelor) degree in philosophy from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Tunis (June 1994). He also earned a diploma in journalism training from the School of Journalist Training in Lille (France) in December 2005.
Zied Krichen specializes in civil studies and is interested in political Islam movements. He has several studies in both Arabic and French.

Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim

Professor Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim graduated from the School of Mass Communication in Cairo. He earned a Ph.D. in Administrative Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Journalism Management and Improving Journalistic Skills. He is a lecturer in journalism and media in various colleges and universities.
He practiced journalism in Al-Akhbar newspaper in different positions, from press representative to editor-in-chief, and contributed to the establishment of many newspapers and magazines.
He supervised several training courses for journalists, and served as a journalist training consultant for the Akhbar Al-Youm Foundation, as well as at the Supreme Council of the Press, the Journalists Syndicate, and the Al-Ahram Institute...
His book "The Press in Danger" is his first publication by the Egyptian General Book Authority.

Mohammed Fahad Alharthi

Mohammed Fahad AlHarithi is a Saudi writer, journalist and media expert with a recognized experience of more than 20 years of in the fields of traditional and new media. Alharthi has a master's degree in international journalism from city university of London and a Bachelor’s degree in architecture.
Alharthi began his career with the London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper before joining as a reporter for the English-language newspaper ‘Arab News’. Afterwards he got transferred to the Saudi Arabia published newspaper ‘Al Eqtisadiah’, where he got promoted from a journalist to a front-page editorial manager until he was appointed as the Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper.
In 2015, Alharthi launched his TV talk show “Bidoun Shak” which means “without a doubt” on MBC channel, he was the presenter and Editor-in-Chief of the most prominent weekly show, which discussed and solved various community issues in a the concept of “reality television”. The show created a significant impact on the TV shows targeting community and social issues, where it became a positive debate platform, and was one of the most viewed shows the Arab world.
In November 2016, Alharthi won the elections of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Journalists Association and became a member of the Board, which is a civil community institute representing the media sector in Saudi Arabia.
In June 2019, The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) in the United Kingdom elected the Saudi journalist Mohammed Fahad Alharthi as a member of the board of directors. WAN-IFRA is a top leading international association in the journalism industry.
In July 2019, Alharthi was appointed as the General Supervisor of the Saudi Media Forum and the General Supervisor of the Saudi Media Award 2019, in their first versions which will be both held in November 2019.